Town of Thorndike, Maine
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The Thorndike Town Officers

Board of Selectmen (1yr)
1st Selectman: James Bennett 568-3276
2nd Selectman Larry Ward 948-5133
3rd Selectman Larry Hustus 948-6256

Animal Control Officer (1yr)
George Russell 505-5502

Appeals Board (5yr. Term)
Barry Tweedie
Bob Carter
Larry Hustus
Janet Abrahamson
Melissa Pillsbury

Assessors (1yr)

Budget Committee (1yr)
Larry Ward
Alan Downer
Libby Healy
Larry Hustus
Jesse Hargrove
Carol Coffin
Jane Sutcliff

Cemetery Com. (3yr.term)
Patty Banker
Inez Williams
Clyde Rumney

Code Enforcement Officer (1yr)
Charles Porter

Danny Page

Election Clerks (2yr. Term)
LouAnn Cranouski (R)
Patty Banker (D)
Mary Sprague (R)
Joyce Julian (R)
Audrey Jones (D)
Carol Coffin (D)
Alan Hebert (D)
Sherry Vashon (D)
William Johnson (R)
Liz Sullivan (R)
James Bennett (R)
Libby Healy (D)
Leslie Peters (D)
Doreen Berry (U)

Election Warden
Kari Hunt

Deputy Election Warden
Donna Smith

Emergency Management Dir.
Budd Tibbetts

Fire Chief
George Russell

Fire Warden (State Appointed)
Danny Page

Assistant Fire Wardens (appointed by D. Page)
Clyde Rolerson
Linda Rolerson
Raymond Peabody
Peter Quimby

Health Officer
Linda Hustus

Jesse Hargrove
Steven Fitton

Moderator, Town Meeting
Don Berry

911 Addressing Officer
James Bennett

Park & Rec Committe
Carol Coffin
Amada Gurney
Donna Smith
Doreen Berry
Pegi Quimby
Laura Stewart

Planning Board (5yr. Term)
Jesse Hargrove (chairman)
Douglas Nye
Libby Healy
Budd Tibbetts
Barbara Walch
Michelle Larrabee
Michael Berry

Plumbing Inspector
Donald Harriman

Regional Soild Waste
Michael Berry

SAD 3 Director (3yr. Term)
Helen Sahadi


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